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„Poduzetništvo: Uspješno pokretanje novih poduhvata" 3/e

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About ED Center

ED Center (Entrepreneurship Development Center) was established in November 2007. The Center is registered as an association, in accordance with the "Law on Associations and Foundations of Bosnia and Herzegovina", and it is non-profit legal entity. The Center is located in city of Tuzla, and its entrepreneurship development and promotion activities are implemented throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The mission of the ED Center is to provide support for entrepreneurship development throughout the country in line with the trends of the entrepreneurship development in the EU.

ED Center began its work in 2007, when it became part of the world's largest academic research project from the field of entrepreneurship, titled "Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)", in which it still participates as a national team of GEM in Bosnia and Herzegovina. So far, ED Center published five annual GEM reports about state of entrepreneurship in Bosnia and Herzegovina and organized events where reports were promoted.

According to its objectives, ED Center implemented over 20 significant projects and activities from the filed of entrepreneurship, innovation, local development and business training.


The Objectives of the ED Center:

  • development and management of entrepreneurship development projects,
  • support to development of the economy, SMEs and employment in BiH
  • support to government institutions and local governments to build their institutional capacities and improve the quality of their services
  • monitoring and research of entrepreneurship in BiH
  • stimulation, establishment and development of business infrastructure for business development in BiH
  • encouragement of entrepreneurship development through improvement of training system for human resources in BiH, as the most valuable resource (training and other forms of education)
  • promotion and creation of supporting conditions for existing business and establishment and development of new business.
  • promotion and creation of stimulant institutional and legislative framework for the provision of support to the existing and the establishment and development of new business;
  • transfer of knowledge and best practices of SME and entrepreneurship development from other countries and establishment of partnerships with other centers for SME development
  • raise community awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship development and fostering an entrepreneurial culture
  • support to SME educational, consultative and informative - promotional projects, events, activities and seminars
  • promote the introduction of mechanisms for establishing and ensuring quality in business and other activities,
  • promote European values and improve standards in Bosnia and Herzegovina which would bring the society closer to European Union.


ED Center implements the following activities:

  • Education, training and consulting for entrepreneurs; representatives of non-governmental organizations, citizens' groups and individuals on entrepreneurship, starting a micro and small business, organizational and institutional management;
  • Organization of scientific and professional conferences in the field of entrepreneurship,
  • Organization of seminars, conferences, workshops, roundtables, forums and other forms of public promotion;
  • Organization of scientific and technical research on entrepreneurship, measuring the effects of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial environment;
  • Developing projects in the field of entrepreneurship,
  • Performance evaluation of projects;
  • Project management;
  • Establishing cooperation through conferences, symposia, colloquia, seminars, etc.
  • Establishing cooperation and implementation of joint programs with associations and individuals who are interested in the activities of the Association;
  • Development and improvement of information flow systems by using domestic and foreign information services and exchanging information;
  • Encouragement and participation in the training of its members through participation in educational seminars and conferences;
  • Support to development of private initiative and entrepreneurship;
  • Support to sustainable development at different levels and in different spheres;
  • Promotional and research activities through the publication of brochures, technical and scientific papers, etc...;
  • Advocating for changes in laws and regulations relating to SME and entrepreneurship development policies;
  • Activities to promote and disseminate the results of research on SME and entrepreneurship development.


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