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„Poduzetništvo: Uspješno pokretanje novih poduhvata" 3/e

Autori: Bruce R. Barringer, R. Duane Ireland
Izdanje na bosanskom jeziku


 BH telecomSponzor manifestacija Centra za razvoj poduzetništva u 2014. godini




The Objectives of the ED Center:

  • development and management of entrepreneurship development projects,
  • support to development of the economy, SMEs and employment in BiH
  • support to government institutions and local governments to build their institutional capacities and improve the quality of their services
  • monitoring and research of entrepreneurship in BiH
  • stimulation, establishment and development of business infrastructure for business development in BiH
  • encouragement of entrepreneurship development through improvement of training system for human resources in BiH, as the most valuable resource (training and other forms of education)
  • promotion and creation of supporting conditions for existing business and establishment and development of new business.
  • promotion and creation of stimulant institutional and legislative framework for the provision of support to the existing and the establishment and development of new business;
  • transfer of knowledge and best practices of SME and entrepreneurship development from other countries and establishment of partnerships with other centers for SME development
  • raise community awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship development and fostering an entrepreneurial culture
  • support to SME educational, consultative and informative - promotional projects, events, activities and seminars
  • promote the introduction of mechanisms for establishing and ensuring quality in business and other activities,
  • promote European values and improve standards in Bosnia and Herzegovina which would bring the society closer to European Union.


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