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„Poduzetništvo: Uspješno pokretanje novih poduhvata" 3/e

Autori: Bruce R. Barringer, R. Duane Ireland
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 BH telecomSponzor manifestacija Centra za razvoj poduzetništva u 2014. godini



About GEM project

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor was launched in 1997, and the first GEM global survey was conducted by 10 national teams in 1999, with a Paul Reynolds as a chief researcher. Global Entrepreneurship Research Association - GERA was established in 2004 to serve as a supervisory body for the GEM. GERA is a nonprofit organization run by members of the national teams, the two founding institutions and sponsoring institutions.

GERA's mission is to contribute to global economic development through entrepreneurship. In order to achieve this, GERA seeks to increase global knowledge about entrepreneurship; implementing and expanding world-class research that:

  1. identifies and measures the factors that influence the level of entrepreneurial activity in the economy
  2. identifies policies that can increase entrepreneurial activity and
  3. increases the impact of education in support of successful entrepreneurship.

Since the first study in 1999, more than 80 national teams participated in the GEM consortium. Guided by the central coordination team, consortium administrates annual adult population surveyes (APS) of at least 2000 individuals, aged between 18 and 64 years in each participating country. In addition, GEM national teams also survey national experts (NES) in order to gain insight into the specific factors that influence entrepreneurship in each country. The third sources of data are standardized secondary international database.

GEM aims to be a leading source of information and analysis on entrepreneurship around the world. The study uses an original methodology, which has been continuously improved over 12 years. Data collection is under strict quality control procedures. This strong methodology and other special features contribute to the uniqueness of the project and value for those who want to measure and compare the entrepreneurship between countries.

GEM publishes annual global reports and GEM national teams publish individual reports for the country. In addition, GEM publishes special reports on topics such as women's entrepreneurship, high growth investments and entrepreneurial finance. Special annual reports are created on the basis of questions added to the APS questionnaire during the annual cycle, on topics such as entrepreneurship education and training, and social entrepreneurship. Special topics and issues have been approved by the annual general meeting of GERA's and inspected by the central coordinating team.

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor has been implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2008, by the Center for Entrepreneurship Development in partnership with the University of Tuzla.

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