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„Poduzetništvo: Uspješno pokretanje novih poduhvata" 3/e

Autori: Bruce R. Barringer, R. Duane Ireland
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Participants and authors of best business plans created within the project “From Business Plan to Self-employment” were given certificates and awards on Monday 29th April 2013 at the Chamber of Commerce of Tuzla Canton. The project was implemented by Entrepreneurship Development Centre and financial supported by Ministry of development and entrepreneurship of Tuzla Canton. Project aimed to promote entrepreneurship among youth and provide them with entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. Project targeted at high-school students of final years of vocational and technical schools in Tuzla, since entrepreneurial education is especially important for the students of these schools which provide them practical skills which can be easily transformed into small business after graduation.



During February, we held 5 introductory workshops with 140 high-school students in Tuzla, when we introduced them to entrepreneurship, pros and cons of self-employment and employment with employer. The main part of the project was entrepreneurship training, which was held in March and April for 20 high-school students from 6 high-schools. Training consisted of 5 modules on business plan structure and practical exercise of business plan writing. After the training, the participants had the chance to improve their business plans before the final selection of the best ones.


Certificates for participation in entrepreneurship training were given to all the participants, and three best business plans were selected whose authors will be awarded with 400, 300 and 200 BAM. First award went to Almedina Hamzić, from Civil Engineering High-School for business idea of "Student Cooperative - School Copy Shop" since the students of this school print and plot their work in other copy shops, whereas school already possesses adequate equipment which could be used to provide these services at a cheaper price. Second award went to the student from School of Electrical Engineering – Aldin Prelić for business idea “Music Studio – PMP”. Aldin already has his amateur music studio where he produces his own songs, and he would like it to become his future profession. Sanela Muharemagić, high-school student from High-school for Economy and Commerce was awarded with third award for business plan for child day care “Super care”. Sanela chose this idea because she loves children and sees lack of such amenities. Other business ideas include: recycling center, bakery, touristic agencies, cafes, mobile phone shops, solar panel production, billiard club, growing American blueberries, handmade scarves and clothes and car repair shops.



Special recognition of the jury for the business ideas in line with the education was delivered to the students of the Mechanical Engineering School, Edis Handanović and Mujo Duraković future mechanics, whose business plans were related to the launch of car repair workshops in Banovići and Tuzla.


Ceremony was attended by representative of Ministry of Development and Entrepreneurship, Mirela Omerović; president of the jury Professor Bahrija Umihanić and member of the jury Ms. Selma Smajlović, who presented judging criteria and encouraged participants to persist in implementing their business ideas. Special certificate of gratitude was given to High-school for Economy and Commerce and High-school for Tourism and Catering for providing premises for the training.



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