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„Poduzetništvo: Uspješno pokretanje novih poduhvata" 3/e

Autori: Bruce R. Barringer, R. Duane Ireland
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 BH telecomSponzor manifestacija Centra za razvoj poduzetništva u 2014. godini



Seminars and trainings

ED Center implements seminars and training in the field of entrepreneurship, business development and the development of soft skills of managers, in accordance with the specific requirements of clients. Trainings are implemented by professional lecturers with reference experience, combining presentations with practical exercises.

Topics of seminars and training to adapt to the specific needs and demands for the training of their target groups.

For enterprises ED Center offers "in-house" seminars and training, fully tailored to the specific needs of knowledge and skills development of their employees.

Topics of some implemented seminars and training include:

  • Module. Entrepreneurship
  • Module. Business Planning
  • Module. Marketing
  • Module. Basics of Finance
  • Module. Growth and growth risk management
  • Module. The concept of management
  • Module. Organizational dynamics
  • Module. Leadership
  • Module. Human Resources Management
  • Module. Influence, communication and presentation skills

If your company / institution is interested in the seminar or training to ensure the improvement of your HR potential, for more information please contact the staff of the Center for Entrepreneurship Development at one of the following contacts.


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